Chakabars Clarke at the Vegan Camp-out 2017

Chakabars Clarke

Chakabars Clarke is a personal trainer/community athlete based in London.  

Born in Barbados and raised for most of his childhood in Leeds, “Chakabars” Clarke has been active since he first went to study gymnastics at the age of 5.  Throughout his childhood he participated in athletics, rugby, skating, basketball and over five different kinds of dance training, performing with two professional dance companies, RJC & Phoenix Dance Academy, Leeds.  Inspired by his cousin, an Olympic athlete, at 18, he decided to pursue his fitness career in the Army, which led him to active service in Iraq and a boxing championship. After leaving the army he qualified as a personal trainer.

His move to London was prompted by the tragic shooting of a friend he was training with in a park. He vowed that he would continue his message by working with youth and communities to empower themselves and bring harmony to their neighbourhood. 

His incredible strength, gymnastic flexibility and vibrant, fun personality inspires attention from all kinds of people -children, athletes and celebrities, who want to achieve similar results, without huge weights, complicated regimes and expensive supplements. 

His training methods are based on bodyweight training – “It’s everything to do with your own body. It’s pull ups and push ups, general calisthenics, biometrics, power moves. Basically, it’s about being an all-round athlete. We use the land, we use anything. The philosophy is ‘anytime, any place, anything’.